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I have finished chemo, AC and Taxol. My eyes keep watering, a lot. The doctor gave me a steroid drop but so far it's not working. Any sugestions? Chemo was over 3 weeks ago. I'm already doing radiation.


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    Hi Gerddy,
    I had a different chemo mix--AC and Taxotere. I think Taxotere and Taxol are similar. I had cloudy eyes and blurred vision--it felt more like mucus clouding my vision as opposed to actual tearing. I did not receive steriod drops. I tried over the counter eye drops--"natural tears" formulated products from Murine and others--and it helped. I used both drops and a new product that is an aerosal spray and very easy to use. I was not limited to the number of times I could use the products as the formula is very gentle and much like natural tears. Hope this helps you. Good luck with your treatments.

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    I had AC and taxotere and the watery eyes were just miserable. I was rubbing all my eyelashes off. I will tell you exactly what I did. I took a cotton wash cloth and I soaked it in very very very cold water. I wrung out all the excess and applied it to my eyes. I would try to open my eyes a little so that the water could get in, but not much. I did this every hour for a full week and at the end of the week, I did not have the watery eyes any more. I did this about 3 weeks into the watery eye cycle. So I don't know if it would have gone away eventually or whether the wash cloth worked. But my eyes felt so much better with the cold compress.
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    i went through the same thing. i had chemo 2003 my eyes watered like crazy. i put drops in and it did not work. about 5 months later i notice less watery eyes. than i had a stem cem transplant oct 2003, they have not stopped. and i get alote of sinus infections. good luck vicki