Getting port removed?

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I have an appointment to get my port removed, and I wonder what to expect? I hope it's not as icky as the drain removal, but I can't wait to get it done with!


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    When I had mine put in, I asked about the procedure to take it out and was told that it is basically "a reversal of how it went in, but easier because we don't have to find the vein, check the placement, or worry about being too close to a nerve like we do when we put it in."
    The doctor said they re-open the same incision, remove the port and line,& close the skin with stitches. There is also a period of holding pressure on the site to prevent bleeding, and there may be a pressure dressing that stays on for 24 hrs, but it shouldn't be anything like getting the drains pulled. I can't wait til mine comes out! Congratulations on finishing your chemo.
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    to be honest, I cannot recall my port being put in, but I do recall the removal of it. It was not bad at all, for me it was kind of like a dentist appointment where they give you local anesthesia and before you realize what is going on, they are finished. I was alert, but could not fell anything and there was very minimal bleeding, so be encouraged and pray that all goes well.
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    I had mine removed almost a year ago! It was done in the surgeon's office. He gave me a local anesthetic, opened the old incision, and pulled it out and sewed me back up. Took only a few minutes and I drove myself there and home. There was very slight oozing of blood from the incision when I showered the next morning which stopped right away on its own, and that was that. I'm sure yours will go just as well! I had a lumpectomy and no drains, so can't compare it to that!
    Good luck and God bless, Di
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    HI. I had my port removed April 14, it was not bad at all. Was done as outpatient at hospital. He gave me a local and it was done in 20 min.I was awake the whole time. The shot to numb hurt a little but didn't feel anything else. I was sore for a few days, nothing bad. Feels much better now. Good luck and take care. Sal
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    Thanks everyone - it doesn't sound too bad.