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I am asking advice on supplements for my friend's mother. She lives outside the US. She was diagnosed with throat cancer about 15 years ago, and now is diagnosed with tongue cancer. Her health has turned much worse in the past several months because her swollen tongue doesn't allow her to eat regular food. It's said doctors don't have much confidence in treating it too. My friend searched some websites for supplements, following are the two websites she asked me to check and buy the drugs she likes to have her mom try. As I have serious doubts about such supplements and these two websites, I would like to ask whether any of you has ever got some recommendation from doctors for supplements, or ever tried any supplements, if so, what you tried and what you think about it. Will really appreciate any comment or advice.
The supplements my friend interested in buying are:
--Ellagic Acid Formula with Graviola
--Koch TMT Homeopathic Formulas
--Five Mineral Catalyst Formula
--Nontransdermal Energy Patches

Thanks very much in advance!!


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    Havent heard of any of those. Here is what I have been taking and feeling great. However, My doctor said to take some of these things after treatment. CQ10 and Omega 3 are the two things that I have heard are the absolute best to take for cancer.

    A daily vitamin with extra Lycopene( also decreases activities of cancer-promoting enzymes).

    1500mg of biotin to help my skin and hair grow as it is finally growing back ever so slowly.

    1000 mg of Calcium. Every woman needs extra calcium despite the daily vitamin. I was told I needed 1000 mg a day.

    Urtica dioica and Quercetin: Like parsley, this herb can also help **** activity of the enzymes that cause cancer growth and spread. I also take these two to help with my allergies since I believe my allergies played a major part in my Hodgkins by weakening my immune system. Before I took these pills I used to get sores on my throat every spring along with allergy symptoms. Now, I don't. I drink green tea sometimes and I love to drink Simply Nutrious because its full of antioxidants. I think these are working very well for me but everyone has to find what works for them and make sure not to just take every little thing that sounds good. I also run this by my doctor.
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    I had my thyroid taken out due to the thyroid being infected with squamous cell carcinoma. I finished Radiotherapy and Chemo in May of this year. I have done incredibly well (eating/drinking all the way through my treatment)which I put down to taking supplements purchased from the Andean Medical Centre (London). I'm female and live in the UK and today started taking Oxygen Elements Plus, but I am also looking at purchasing Koch TMT Formulas, Max Performance , Five Mineral Catalyst Formula and Ellagic Acid Formula (these aren't cheap)but they only appear to be available in the States. I paid £200 for 2 months supply of 4 different supplements. (My London top ivy league Cancer hospital didn't prevent me using them, and I seem to be the only one who they know have) but they are really pleased with my progress; unlike my peers who undertook the same treatment but didn't fare so well - but then what price do you put on survival if there is an outside chance of extending life? My hospital aren't against my taking supplements; they are always interested in what I've researched....and are always available to me if I need them. Nowadays it is recognised that traditional hospital treatment and complementary treatment work well together. My aim is to try and prevent any recurrance. Diet is important and I do believe if you get the balance right reversal is also possible, but I'm no Doctor just an impossibly optimistic surviuvalist who always thinks laterally and has taken control of my own destiny.
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    In case your friend's mother is still looking for some supplements which work, I suggest Shaklee supplements. I am a distributor, and I have been taking them to boost my immune system, which may reverse my cancer without doing chemo or radiation. I pray that they will work. Prayers to your friend's mother too.