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My husband and I are hard working people who have never asked for anything.
Two years ago we got a health insurance policy that the agent said was for catostrophic health situations.
We signed up and even got a discount because my husband family NEVER had cancer and he was a nonsmoker.
As of two weeks ago my husband of 55 years was told he has stage IV lung cancer.
He was about to go to have chemotherapy tomorrow and our insurance company called to say that all the medications are not covered under this policy, This is after they spent the last two weeks saying that if everything is done at the hospital they will cover 80% of everything.
We are devestated.
Does anyone have any information as to where we can obtain financial help?
We have contacted one of the drug companies who's pill he must take(TARCEVA)...but what about the Taxol, carboplatin, and avastin?
Can anyone help?
We actually have thought of getting a divorce and claiming my husband is indigent...just to get into the hospital for treatment.
He must get this medication now!
Please reply!!!


  • DonAdams
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    Is your husband a service veteran? If so, get to the nearest VA hospital.

    If you need help with this, if it applies, contact me at and I'll send contact info.

    Bless you both.
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    I have Stage IV NSCLC also..I am sooo sorry you have to go through this! I also had to research financial help for my treatments, until the VA started covering me. I always had the fear that Medicaid would tell me no more treatments at some point. But that's not the case. Anyhow, contact your local American Cancer Society. They will direct you to possible financial resources. They will also be aware of any clinical trials going on...if your husband is a candidate for a clinical trial, he could get some of those treatments for free. Don't give up hope! I've been in treatment (chemo) for 2 years now and still going strong! God Bless!