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My dad recently found out he has a spot on his lung about an inch wide and a spot on his brain about 6mm. I was wondering what the best alternative treatments are and what kind of success people have had with them. I lost my mom 2 years ago to ovarian cancer, as well as many other relatives to this awful disease. I am somewhat against conventional treatment and looking to see whats out there. My father is currently scheduled to undergo radiation and chemo but he's also considering alternative therapy after seeing the mess that chemo leaves behind. In the end for my mother, the chemo basically finished her off although I understand that ovarian cancer is an aggressive form. Any help/ opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.


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    Same as my father who was diagnose of lung cancer last Jan.2004.Still alive by taking lingzhi 718-7722368.No conventional treatment at all.Hope this could help.