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I smoke like 10 sticks a day. I tried to quit but it just keeps on coming back. Just 3 days ago, it hurt when I touch the center of my chest and when I inhaled deep also sometimes when I cough. I'm really scared of going to the doctor. I feel like just letting it go rather than going through what the cancer patient is going through.

I want to know how everybody felt before they knew they had cancers. Does it hurt like something is pinching or stubbing or nothing at all.



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    I went to the doctor when i would take a deep breath and feel a pain in my back. it was lung cancer. the faster you find it the better chance of living. go to the doctor now.
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    Go to the doc now do not wait. I waited too longgood luck. go with god
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    HI...Go to the Doctors...I had lung cancer and it hurt when I breathed..go get checked out. It is better to be safe then sorry. Don't waste time being could be many other things. You need to find out.
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    If you do have lung cancer and it is isolated to one or two spots, check out this site,
    He is the best, but he will not operate if you continue to smoke!