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My partner is facing this procedure. It was not one of the things I had to endure when I had breast cancer 4 years ago. What can you advise her? (She has lupus, so is very pain sensitive.) They offered Ativan but not Versed. Thanks for anything you can tell us.


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    I had one about a month ago, not a fun experience but actually not that bad. I'd certainly take the ativan before the procedure. The doctor that did mine numbed the area in stages, I didn't even feel much pressure during the procedure. a little sore afterward for about 2-3 days, easily managed with tylenol. The anticipation is always worse than the reality, as I'm sure you are well aware. I pray that she gets a good report.
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    Your partner is very fortunate to have someone with the experiences you do have to fall back on. But yes probably will hurt some but I do believe that the breast is a less sensative area than in the arm pit. Like you I am bc survivor of 8 years and pain sensative due to various nerve ending disorders. Didn't know that at the time of all my biopsies and surgeries. I had a lump in the armpit at time of diagnosis and had it biopsied and found it to be quite difficult but the breast lump was not near as bad. I wish you and your partner well.
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    well, for me it was a nightmare. The numbing did not take well and I felt everything. If I had it to do over, I would have made them stop. As it was, they were treating like I was a bother because in their opinion I did not have cancer, so why was I doing this? But, I did have bc and lost both breasts. I would advise the ativan and insist that she is well numbed. It is a very painful experience otherwise. Part of the pain could be the area of the breast that they are going after...mine was near the nipple and deep. Jan