Prayers needed-as usual

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Hi all, Don't get on here much anymore. Pain has really been bad and I'm staying doped up as much as I can. I have a CT scan on Friday, June 3rd and chemo doctor said we would restage cancer then. I go to see him on June 7th, so pray all goes well. I don't know if I'm so tired because of the chemo or the pain meds, but I can't even get out and enjoy the sunshine. My husband started his job today. I slept till almost 12 and then went back to sleep at 3 and have just gotten up agan. Not much of a life, do you think?? Everything seems to irritate me anymore too. i am so impatient with everyone. Long story. i miss you guys. Hope to hear from you soon. Prayers are greatly appreciated.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)


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    Hi Grandma Judy, this is Amy. I don't often write but read your E-mails and I feel for you!
    Sometimes the drugs will make you so sleepy as you say. Compazine alone is made to relax you and your organs so you don't become sicker plus I often take Ativan and that too will make you sleep (as you know) and relax as you need to be. I get High anxiety from chemo so if you are doing chemo again now that will make you snappy, irritable, etc. It all comes with this horrible disease & side effects from chemo, so please don't apologize, It is a rough road to hoe.....
    you are so strong, Lady and I am sorry you husband has to go to his work and you have the stress of that all., Good Luck w/ the scan that is Fri. hope something turns up positive, or at least slowed down on the disease.
    My prayers are with you & your Family, and I always check to see if you've been here at Cancer network to see if you are OK. Love to U
    Amy in Sutter
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    You are always in my prayers, but i will increase the volume. Hoping you find the strength to get through this stage.
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    Judy, Hang in there.. maybe you can take half the dose of the medications and you'll feel better?.. May God give you strength and surround you with his light and love. Hugggs ~ Wanda
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    Keep up your fight Judy. I will keep hoping for great cat scan results.