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My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer 10/03 had resection, then chemo, then incisional hernia, hernia surgery was infected with staph, had to repeat hernia surgery to remove mesh and infection....he was finally feeling good...and the CEA started to rise. Doctor ordered a CT scan and results show a spot behind right kidney. The doctor wants to do a needle biopsy this week. I am so worried...has anyone else had any experience with this? Please advise. Thanks for listening to this very worried wife.


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    My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer 11/04. He had a resection. His CEA never went down even with the surgery. His CEA was 66 when he was diagnosed and is now 176. It went from 107 to 176 in a three week time period when he was on a chemo break. He has been going to Mayo and seeing an oncologist there as well as his regular cancer doctor. The Mayo doctor noticed on the latest cat scan that my dad had some slightly enlarged lymph nodes located behind his stomach. They did a needle biopsy and the end result was that they were unable to get any tissue. We still are no better off as we do not know if this is where the elevated CEA is coming from. He has changed his chemo regimen and we will know next week when the doctor does another CEA test if the new chemo is working. I hope that the needle biopsy will prove beneficial to your husband. If there is a cancer lesion, it will be scary for sure, but the doctor will be able to accurately treat him. I really wish you and your husband well. Cancer is just so cruel.