Hope I can finally post

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Hey guys, I know there were problems with the site, but I also had trouble sending and receiving regular posts too. Thanks to Sue for keeping you updated. I've got some good news. Danny got another job instead of the first one he tried for. He starts Tuesday, if nothing else happens. I'm always afraid to even hope anymore.The first job would have stared out at 6.65 I think. This one he starts out at 9.00, which is a lot better. We need to build out account up. I guess we all need to do that? LOL. Also, I was able to do chemo this week. I have been in quite a bit of pain, even while wearing the pain patch and taking all the morphine. I just don't want to get this sick, this fast. Say a little prayer that I will start feeling better and feel like doing things again. I missed talking to you and glad the site and my computer are cooperating now.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)