somethings wrong and i need help

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Allright folks i have a few questions and was wondering if anyone can help me. I'm a little embarrased talking about this so please be gentle with me here. I am a 3 years testicular cancer survivor but recently ive been having some new problems. For about the last 8 months or so ive been been bleeding rectaly and i cant figure out why. And the strangest part was that its not that its just bleeding, its that at night in my sleep its as though i scrath it raw. The blood amount varies night to night and its not even an everynight occurence. Imm 22 and have allready had a colonoscopy so its not that i havent talked to docs about this. They keep telling me its hemroids but im worried it may be something more. Please email me here on the sight or at my personal email at if you or anyone has any information for me. thanks. Richard (unibal) Cowie


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    My husband has same thing he has ahd all the tests and they told him it was a figus nothing could be done about it. My suggestion is go to as amny different doctors as you need to. My husband is stubborn and will not go back to any doctor. So keep asking become a pain in the butt. no pun intended. well maybe lol ....
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    Hello there:

    I hope that this posting finds you in good health and spirits.

    I can relate to what is happening to you. I have seemed to notice that for some reason, I generally get the "Itch attacks" when I have to urinate. I thought that I was the only one that noticed this but after hearing both men and women say the same thing while waiting for the doctor or treatments, I found out that it isn't so uncommon.

    If you don't have a Pain Management Doctor that you usually see, I recommend that you see one. Pain management includes the itching sensation that comes on and we have to suffer through.

    You have to talk to your doctor about the itching sensation and they will recommend something. But word of advice, test any cream or lotion out. The last thing you need is to get an allergic reaction such as burning. If you see that you're not allergic to the lotion/cream then use it before you go to sleep.

    Also, try to keep the area clean by doing Sitz Baths. If you have a shower head that you can hold in your hand use you can use that when you shower.

    Hopefully this will help. Take care.