Does Cancer Hurt?

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Help - I have been told that cancer does not hurt but: I had a hysterectomy at the age of 33 due to cervical dysplasia and severe endometriosis so I no longer experience the breast pain and tenderness prior to my cycle. In addition, I do not drink caffeinated beverages or eat chocolate so I am sure it is not brought on by these factors. However, this started approximately 2 yeas ago when I noticed the first pain but it was only when I brushed up against something, or someone hugged me too tight. Now it seems to be pretty constant. I also have very bright red spots that resemble moles or freckles on the same breast near the pain site. Also, the pain appears to be in the back/shoulder area directly behind the breast and sometimes radiates under the arm but low near the shoulder blade and around. But I have this inner gut feeling and if you know your body, then you know when something is not right. I also fall into the category of someone that has a higher percentage of getting breast cancer because I started my cycle at age 10, no children, past breast biopsies (both breasts), and have been on HRT for almost 15 years. And now one of the factors appear to be that if you are a tall woman you are also at a higher risk of getting breast cancer. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all and I pray for your positive progress.


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    Sounds to me like it is time for a full check up. A small percent of women do have pain with bc. I'm sure you will hear from them. Run don't walk for a full check up. Linda
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    HI EBledsoe!
    My breast cancer had no signs at all. No pain, no physical discomfort. I agree with Linda about a physical. And don't matter what is ailing you, early detection is best. And you won't find your yourself imagining the worst once you know what you are dealing with. Wish you the best!
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    Be well!