anyone live around arkansas

thegoodtwin Member Posts: 1
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Or anyone else. I just need to talk to fellow survivors my age (26).


  • jbb
    jbb Member Posts: 12
    Hi. I do not live around Arkansas but I am like you, 26 years old. Feel free to mail me on my csn-mail. I am a survivor too. Jennie.
  • unibal
    unibal Member Posts: 25
    Born, raised and still here in Wichita Kansas, so not to awful far away from you. My name is Richard and im 22, Testicular cancer BTW. Hope to hear from you soon.
    ~Richard Cowie
  • christydj
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    I live in Arkansas and I am 27 yrs old. I am a 4 year survivior of small cell cervical cancer. I would love to talk to you. E mail me here on CSN anytime.
  • candyk
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    I'm not exactly your age, I'm 30. But I grew up in Arkansas, had all of my treatment in Arkansas and am a 15 year survivor. I'm in Texas now. Feel free to email me through CSN.