Mom had a bronchoscopy on Friday

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Mom had a bronchoscopy on Friday at 9:00 a.m. and the doctor didn't talk to her after it was done, but when she got home there was a message that the doctor wanted to see her on Thursday morning, I am just wondering, do doctor's normally tell you right away if they can see something?

Here is the history : She had two scans and a x ray and the Pumologist said that it's probably just something that is due to a cold when she was younger but he said he would do a Bronchosopy anyway to make sure there are no foreign objects down there.

I can't seem to undestand why he didn't talk to her after the bronchoscopy and then want to see her a week after.

Your thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks a million!


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    hi Julie, first I would call the doctor's office immediately ,for peace of mind, this is a dreadful enough disease , ask him what he feels he has found or hasn't found , just for you and your mothers nerves. It is hopefully nothing because if it was he would probably move faster because of the prior testing. God Bless and hang in there, MIke
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    I used to be a nurse before I was diagnosed with cancer.They probably sedated your mom for the procedure and wouldn't want to talk to her after it was done because she would not remember due to the sedation. I used to work with Dr's in the endospopy suite as part of my duties as an OR holding nurse. They may have taken biopsies too which take a few days for the results to come back. I hope this helps.