Kinda good news-for a change

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Hi all, I hope everyone is doing good. I know I don't come here as often as I did and don't post replies much, but I do try to come and read often and I always pray for all of you. I went to chemo doctor yesterday and he says my tumor has shrunk a little. Yippee!!!! First good news I have gotten from him. Then he had to kinda ruin it. He said we would do CT scan in about 3 weeks and restage it. I am either 3 or 4 now. I hope it's not a 4. It would be nice if he would change it to a 2, huh??? Well, say a prayer for me, as it looks as if this chemo may be doing something. I know it's making me sick enough. 10 more lbs lost and I'll be where I want to be weight-wise. Adkins diet has nothing on the chemo diet, huh??? I love you all, and like I said earlier, praying for you every single day.
Love and prayers, Judy


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    Hi Judy,

    Congratulations on your good news! Congratulations on that great chemo diet! (I lost thirty pounds this year and everyone who sees me wants to know what diet I've been on...)

    Whether you're a 2, 3, or 4 you'll have plenty of company on this site. Seems like people move around a lot. Part of the journey.

    Good luck with that CT scan. Keep us posted.
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    Hi Judy, That is good news; here's hoping it's the start of more good news for you; best of luck with the scans, keep us posted. You are in my prayers, too. the other Judy
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    That is good news that it is shrinking. Hoping it continues to shrink a lot more!