Hello Semi-Colons!!!!

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Hey there guys!!! I know it's been a while. I have been through the start of treatment, was sicker than a dog, my CEA was still on the rise .........so I quit with the option to go back at a later date!
Good News!!! I am finally going to graduate college this Saturday and I am so excited. After I get that feat accomplished....(it was a goal of mine) I'll see the oncologist in two weeks and we'll discuss restarting treatment again! I've missed talking to and hearing from you all and I pray everyone is well! As always you are all in my prayers!!! I'll check back in a little while!!!! HUGS(((())))) to ALL!!!!!


  • rejoyous
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    Wow, I'm so full of admiration for you. Congratulations! We'll all be with you on Saturday.
  • Kanort
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    Congratulations, Griff! What an accomplishment! We are proud of you. Enjoy your special day and we will be thinking of you.


  • CAMaura
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    What a thrill for you! Soak in all of the good vibes this weekend...and know that there are things which can fill our minds and souls - other than worries about our bodies!

    Cheers and best wishes,
  • Shandle
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    You go big Guy!!! Embrace the moment! Congrat! Caongrat! Congrat!... stay in touch with us!
    ~ Wanda ... aka XCW