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My mother has been diagnosed with nsclc Stage 3b three weeks ago after two bouts of pneumonia and a chest xray revealing a spot. Tumor is 5cm large and surgery is not an option at this time, however thoracic surgeon feels he can "get it" if she has chemo/radation first. Awaiting PET scan and brain/abdmominal scan results for further metastasis. I think mom is handling this diagnosis better than the rest of us (the fighter that she is).... Any suggestions as to how to handle the roller coaster of waiting and hoping for positive results.. the anxiety is overwhelming to mom and the rest of the family.


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    by the way, mom is 59 years young and in relatively good health. The thoracic surgeon who performed her bronchoscopy says she is remarkably asymptomatic except for fatigue and an occasional cough, and that her current "performance" level is excellent... Should we get our hopes up ?
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    Hi, This is a copy of a post to other "newcomers". I think it applies here. In May, '01, at age 67, I was diagnosed with nsclc, stage 3a. The tumor measured 4.5 x 5.8 x 7.7 cm. I was "inoperable/incurable". Long story short, I had neoadjuvent treatment, meaning concurrent chemo and radiation. After the treatments, the tumor had shrunk by 75% and surgery by the thoracic surgeon took care of the rest. I m 3 1/2 years out, with no signs of cancer. My oncologist told me that I will have one more six-month checkup and one more at a year. Then there would probably be "no point" in seeing me after that. Don't believe everything you read. Have faith, both in God and in the doctors. Believe that your mom will beat this. Try to have a positive attitude. There are many of us here with stories of survival. You are in my prayers. Please keep us posted. (My personal web page is on this site, titled "Grateful Survivor".) Ernie
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    My wife had small cell lung cancer and we were in the same boat as you. No one would tell us anything. And to this day we can not get any answer to our questions. She ended up after her cancer went to remission taking whole brain radiation treatments which resulted in Radiation neucrosis of the brain. ( no body will admit to that diagosis) She is now in a nursing home , can't walk , can't even sign her own name, it is very sad. I will be praying for you, miracles still happen because god is still on his throne.
    God Bless you all.
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    I was in the same boat as you a few months ago when my mom was DX w/ Stage IIIB NSCLC--also inoperable. She rec'd radition/chemo and the tumor, which was 7 cm shrunk 40%. Surgery was then possible and was successful. Do have your hopes up. Your mom is young like mine, a nonsmoker and relativley otherwise healthy. Get a second opinion on the surgery though, because that is vital. Mistake we made---the post-op chemo does not work on the brain because of the brain blood barrier (a natural defense). Have your mother's brain scanned regularly during her treatments to ensure there are no mets. Be aware of signs of mets such as dizzy, blacking out, headaches that are severe, and may come and go, seizure's, "out of it", falling down etc... Also, for inoperable tumors, there is a treatment that is noninvasive, painless called CyberKnife. It is not only for brain tumors; Can be treated on lung tumors too. Go to for more info. My mom was taken to the one in NW Indiana for her brain mets. Good Luck!