Xena gets dot-to-dot tattoos!

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Hi everyone! I'm getting ready to start radiation treatments on Monday. Meanwhile, I got tattoed at the cancer center. They specialize in dots. I wanted a Xena Warrior..but.. couldn't talk her into it. Oh well.. Now hubby wants to play "dot-to-dot" This is going to be more fun than I thought!LOL! Hey got a juicer too! (Aren't ya proud of me Emily!)Good news too.. insurance covers 100% of the radiation treatmnts. YAAAHOOOO!!! What a much needed break!My prayers and blessings to all! Just wanted to say hello! Keep smiling! We are all angels with but one wing who can only fly by embracing one another! (my thought for the day) Luvnhuggs~ Wanda.. aka XCW


  • neeliec
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    Hello, Wanda, I've missed hearing from you. The insurance news is good--- always a load off!!Good luck with everything-- keep fighting and keep us posted. Blessings to you too-- neelieC

    ps-- what are the tatoos?
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    I have those same tatoos. Someday I am going to get them connected with something good...but for now, they look kind of cool. Almost 6 and one-half years and they have not faded! Maybe I could spell "Mom".
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    Hey Wanda...
    As usual you are full of the "Silver Lining" . I love your spirit. I'll be thinking of you Monday am.

    Dot-to-Dot sounds great......have fun with it!!

  • rejoyous
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    Hooray for insurance! Good luck on Monday.