Iressa for 9 months/Scared

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I've been on Iressa for about 9 months--and doing great. But I'm scared when it will stop working. I've no idea if I have another 9 months, 2 months....will another drug work? Will that be the end? I won't have tubes, and other things like that. I'll ask my doctor to end my life if it comes to that.

Anyone feel like I do? I'm lucky Iressa works. The first chemo didn't. But I'm scared to die I suppose.


  • petunia777
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    hello i had small carcinoma and the doctors only gave me 12 to 18 MONTHS to live here it is 10 YEARS later and im still here what im trying to tell you is dont give up and have faith in GOD without doubting petunia777 bye
  • michaelcie
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    hi , I have sclc, inoperable, had rads and four chemo's, was only given 5% chance of survival, it is three years now in remission, never give up and always stay positive. That is the trick and love your family and friends. Mike
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    Hello! I was on Iressa for 9 months before it stopped working (my tumor began growing again). But the good news is, Iressa isn't necessarily a "last resort" treatment as it has been claimed to be. After the Iressa, my onco put me on Gemzar, which shrunk my primary tumor IN HALF! Then when it started growing again 5 months later, he put me on Alimta, which I am still on, and it seems to be working. I'll get my CT results next week. So yes, there are other treatment options! Hang in there! Shauna