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Dad had his appointment with the liver specialist today, looks like they will remove the two spots by surgery, I was told it was a really big surgery. For those of you who don't know my dad was stage 3, 11 out of 19 lymph nodes were tested positive and after a year, it's spread to his liver (2 spots) the doctors seem positivem the poor man, he's been trough so many operations, I just want god to give him strengh. I just hope it doesn't continue to spread, but I am scared cause of the lymph node involvement. The operation will be at the end of June as he has to pass several test, scan and petscan before, still don't know why they need a petscan but what do I know.
Just thought I would keep you all in the loop (as promised).

Julie xx


  • CAMaura
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    Hi there Julie,

    Just a short note of support. I am sure that your dad so much appreciates your love and compassion. He is so fortunate to have you.

    I am a definite novice with cancer - and realtively new to the site - but the liver does have a wonderful way of regenerating......there doesn't seem to be any reason to me that your father can't come through this with flying colors!

    There could even be ways to strengthen his system before the surgery....Emily might have some wonderful ideas. You might want to contact her on this site...she is a nutritional guru!

    Know that I wish you dad the best; and you too - for your constant care of him.

    Cheers and good thoughts,
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    I just started chemo for stage 3 with 21 out of 35 lymph nodes cancerous!! It is a scary situation. I had a pet scan to see where there might be any renegade cells or "hotspots" that were cancerous. It showed more cancer in the colon. I am hoping that it will be a false positive-- They like to know what they are dealing with before they go in. I will keep him in my prayers. Keep us posted.