Another disappointment

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Hi all, hope this message finds everyone in good spirits (even though this can be hard at times).

Well Wednesday was another disappointment. If you recall, Scott was to have laproscopic exploratory surgery to see if the docs can get a better feel of how his cancer is spreading, and if he might still be a candidate for the heated chemo. Well, they couldn't even get the scope in! They made two incisions and neither one was good. There is just too much obstruction. Scott is really depressed, but we have not given up!! He will continue with the alternative treatments and we still have chemo options. The thing we worry about most are the partial obstructions. If they become full obstructions, Scott is in trouble. If he decides to do chemo again, there is a chance it could shrink some of the tumors that are causing obstructions.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support! We both feel so cared for here. You all are always in our prayers.

Linda (Baltimore)


  • alihamilton
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    Oh Linda, I am so sorry to hear the news but you are right in not giving up. Maybe chemo is the way to go to shrink the tumours. You are both having such a rough time recently. Praying for you both.

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    Soo sorry to hear about your disappointment-- to put it mildly. Is the cancer in the colon? Has he had a colectomy? Is it spread to other organs? We will pray for you.
    blessings, neelieC
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    neeliec said:

    Soo sorry to hear about your disappointment-- to put it mildly. Is the cancer in the colon? Has he had a colectomy? Is it spread to other organs? We will pray for you.
    blessings, neelieC

    I just read your reply to my email Linda. Keep us informed babe. Jen and I think of you often and are here for you. No amount of words can help but we hope that in some way those words are of some comfort. You and Scott are in our hearts sweetie.
    Sincerely, love n huggs...Ross and Jen
  • Moesimo
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    I am so sorry that you did not receive better news. You have shown amazing strength during such difficult times. Your husband is lucky to have such a caring wife.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and continue to pray for you.

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    Hi Linda,

    Just wanted you to know Lisa had been thinking about and praying for you and Scott every day until last Monday. Please see my post from the other day for an update on Fitlisa.

    Wish I had more time to chat with you now, but have lots do do. I will keep in touch though, and my prayers are with, and will always be with, you and Scott. Maybe he'll be the Miracle Lisa hoped she might be...

    With Love,
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    Hi Linda and Scott. Sorry about the tough times. It really does suck sometimes. You are both in my prayers everyday. You are such strong people. We are here for you, always.

    Hang in there. Give it everything you've got. Stay strong when you can and rest when you need to.

    All my love,

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    This was a hard one for me to respond to, but I have to honey. We have now talked on the phone and I can "hear" your voice in my head and heart.

    I will rachet up my prayers for you, Scott and the kids. Please keep us posted, but mostly stay in touch and if you need to really talk, send me an email and I will call.

    Big Time Hugs!!!!
    Lisa P.
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    I'm so sorry to hear your news. It must be difficult to stay focused and positive, but I hope we can help you do that. We all know that there are strange twists and turns to this journey. (Perhaps it is time to reread Lance Armstrong?!) Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and please keep us posted.
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    I will be keeping both you and Scott in my prayers. Hang in there and know I am thinking of you both.