caring for mom 82 yrs of age

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Mom has been diagnosed with scc on the base tongue and in lymph node. She is elderly and frail. She is about to go through radiation. Need help on how to help her get through this. Any advise most appreciated. Help!


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    hi, my mom is 72 yrs old and has gone through chemo and 42 radiation treatments for neck cancer. I am a male 35 yrs old. I have been there by my moms side through this battle. I went to every chemo, and radiation therapy!and have basically ignored my life and dug a big financial hole for myself that I am trying to get myself out of. meanwhile having to deal with other peoples critism and my own brother kicking out of his house that i have lived for 6 years because of being late on rent!! and everyone telling me to put my self first and how stupid I am..blah..blah...blah. Now I am staying at moms and taking care of her 24/7 while making a living on EBAY. My advice to you from my experience is this! Follow your heart!! Be there mentally and physically for your mom and show her that you are there for her!! Moms are very mentally strong! and stubborn! don't treat this battle like its not happening...don't hold back your feelings..thoughts....concerns...tears! Regrets are what scares me!! stand up tp the doctors and speak your mind and ask questions..its your mom not thiers!!Moms will worry more about you then themselves!! they think what about you if they don't make it through!!So be there for her and be strong. that wiil make her strong and not have her mind on things that she shouldn't be worrying about. Because it's more mental stress than anything. twice my mom was hours from death! and pulled through it. wouldn't respond to the nurses. when i arrived at the home and walked in her room she opened her eyes. and said I was her angel. its been almost 2 years and no cancer. still no tastebuds and some other side affects slowly getting better. But It was worth it!!! And now make the best of every day with no regrets no what ifs or I wish I dids or did she knows. not to sure if this makes sense to you or answers your question thorouly. just be strong for her and that will keep you strong. feel free to contact me if u ever feel the need! God Bless!