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Hi Friends,

I am a little upset right now so this may be long. I got an email from one of us that I now consider a dear friend today and it was about Las Vegas and Colon Palooza II. The email I got was about being worried about meeting everyone else in person and feeling like they wouldn't feel comfortable. Then it went into the financials of the trip and all that involves.

Trust me, I respect and understand all of those feelings and thoughts, but it made me want to post about my first experience meeting a few icons (yes, revered and dear members of this board). I was a newbie, small fry or so I felt and thought.

I was scared to death and would have cancelled out of the trip (I am good at making excuses), but then I talked on the phone, in person with one of the others going.

That very first talk person to person with someone I respected, admired, and wanted to learn so much from was on the phone with me!!! I don't really remember the conversation, but I do remember how my heart and soul felt. That is why I went, even though I knew I needed to save my money.

If you knew me, you would be able to see in my face and body expressions in that very first photo Sponger took as I collected my baggage that I was so nervous and scared about the weekend with folks I didn't really know.

Our first night together at dinner was the first time I knew I belonged. I can't tell you when or how I knew, but I knew. The rest of the weekend was fantastic and one of the best 3 days of my life to date (and I am an old fart, 50).

I mention this today just to let you all know that talking and being with each other in person is so wonderful. You have no idea how much we all have in common. Yes, we are all from different backgrounds and situations, but we have a huge bond between us all. A life bond much like an umblical cord. Feed off of it, that is why we all come here.

Come to Vegas and see for yourself, but if you can't come, try to call one of your friends on this board. Thinking about hearing the voices and accents that go with it makes me tear up just thinking about my phone conversations with some of us. We look for discounts and money saving ways to talk to each other and words could never express what those talks mean to me.

Email is great, but talking to a live voice that you really do know inside is wonderous.

Stacy, I haven't seen an update about Vegas lately and think I just needed to "talk to my friends out there".

Come to Vegas if you can to get the entire effect, but if not, reach out and touch someone with your lovely voice. You will make someones day!!!!!

Lisa P.


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    Lisa, I already feel a bond with you. I have two other trips planned and vegas is going to challenge my bank acct. so my heart will be with you and my spirit. Right now darlin I'm going to post because I feel I need some support. Please read it.. huggs ~ Wanda
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    Shandle said:

    Lisa, I already feel a bond with you. I have two other trips planned and vegas is going to challenge my bank acct. so my heart will be with you and my spirit. Right now darlin I'm going to post because I feel I need some support. Please read it.. huggs ~ Wanda

    Bravo Lisa! Many of you know that when Lisa Rose(baby Lisa), Scouty(Lisa), Andy and Bob(Spongebob) got together for the Palooza, Jen and I kept in touch. OK guys n tha tissues handy?
    Bob phoned me so we could all talk and in a way so Jen and I could celebrate with them. I was somewhat hesitant at the time because we had never met yet there was "something" that put a sense of urgency in my mind. We had all talked here on CSN for almost 2 years....and geeezz..we are so far away! I was so overwhelmed by being able to talk to those guys that I literally broke down on the phone...Jen had to take over. I think the same happened on the other end. This "bond" that Lisa talks about is a very real indication of a feeling of ..."knowing we are not alone"..."knowing that we all share a unique experience" ......"knowing that there is a special love between us all".
    I often use the word, "understanding" because it is the very thing that we all can assimilate to.
    To any here who have doubts about a "meet and great"....DON'T! Jen and I often phone these 3 guys and I phone Sue(bsrules) and Deb(babycakes..from the chat room) too. They are all a part of our lives here as you all are. Just being able to talk together has been a godsend to Jen and I. Just talking in person to them has broken the barrier of computor speak. I would dearly love to hugg the 5 of you and I would have no trepidations in doing so!!
    Thank you Lisa for your post......and....if any of you guys n gals here can make Vegas---DO IT! It will be a lifetime experience never to be forgotten!
    "trust in human nature..there is love in us all!"
    huggs, Ross and Jen
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    I also feel a bond to many on this site. I have only spoken to one person on the phone and have emailed several others.

    The trip sounds wonderful, but finances and taking time off from work are not an option for Oct.
    If there is ever a reunion in the northeast, I would love to meet others who I have shared my most inner thoughts with. Boston would be a good choice. (hint, hint.)

    This site has been sooooo helpful to me. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner. It is nice to get support from someone who has been there.

    I am a nurse who works where ports and picc lines are placed. I have shared my story with several patients who are starting down this cancer journey. I can see their relief when I say that I have been where they are. One patient last week called me his hero when I told him how sick I have been. That made my day. I remember how scary those first weeks were.

    OK, I have babbled on enough.