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Hi Semi-colons,

Now that I have your attention.... This past Tuesday on the Oprah show (don't run guys, you don't have to watch the show), there were 2 doctors on talking about how to eat to live healthier and look younger too. They talked about some of our favorite topics; food, drink, and poop. It was really good information. Dr. Oz, a renown heart surgeon, talked about 3 cancer fighting foods too. In a nutshell, the show was about how important what you eat is to what comes out the other end and how it comes out. If you want to check it out and see how well you are doing with your diet, go to, then pick The Oprah Windfrey Show on the left hand column. When you get to the show website, pick Tuesday's show and then just click and learn what you want.

I'll be curious about some of your thoughts if you check it out and have time to tell me.

Take care, Lisa P.


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    Hey hon!

    In the future if you see something that could be of interest give the heads up. I forget to tune in often and would LOVE to watch a show like this--especially the poop scoop. Call me a sicko. haha.

    Gotta love Oprah!

    peace, emily who doesn't have a nursing baby to use as an excuse anymore to plop down in front of Oprah...oh who needs an excuse anyway!
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    I did watch that show. It was very informative. But I must admit, I used to eat all the right foods and cancer fighting veggies. Oh well, what can you do!? Anyway, I especially thought that taking 2 baby aspirin a day for colon and heart was pretty interesting and I decided to go with that. Seems easy enough and those orange aspirin taste good!! smile