sentinel node biopsy

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What can you tell me about this procedure? I need to know what to expect. Sounds grim.


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    I had the procedure done. The preperation before the x-ray was uncomfortable but over all the procedure was no worse than my incision to remove the cancer margins & I only had one node removed from under my right arm pit. Plus I received an all clear from the procedure. I will be going for my one year check next week. Sorry for the short answer but I am getting ready to leave work. Send me a note if you have any questions.

    Kevin from SC
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    My SNB (under my left arm) was along with a wide local excision (WLE) of my originally biopsied mole site (on my midriff). Prep for SNB was an injection of radioactive substance around the biopsied site, no prob. It was tracked, and a marker pen was used to indicate where they located the SN. Up to surgery I went, put "under", had 2 nodes removed and the area of the original mole excised. I found the recovery from both surgical areas not bad. The node area was pinchier in feeling, like needles. Had the surgery on Wed, rested Th,F,S & S. Back to work Mon. I'm from the Bflo, NY area, female, wondered if your name was an indication that you are, too. I had this done March 18, 2005. If you need/want to know more, how the results turned out, let me know. You must need to have this done and it is a GOOD THING. CHIN UP! A lot of us have been there-- scared, worried, crying, nervous. (I was a wreck!) I'll say a prayer for you. Take care.
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    I just recently had a senitnal node biopsy done and waiting for the results. It wasn't bad, got through it pretty nicely. The worst part was coming off the anesthesia after surgery. It's pretty simple, try not to worry.