Having problems with silicone implant

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Hello , I am a Breast Cancer Survivor of almost 4 years. Had reconstruction done in 2002 with a silicone implant, (thanks to the convincing of my Plastic surgeon) had every intention of saline but was talked out of it pretty much...well since the surgery, i had been dx with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue , terrible joint pain, aches and pains I never had before,well anyway had a mammo last week,radiologist found fluid around the implant, I have had terrible pain ,The implant seems as though its hardening, sent results to plastic surgeon,no phone call, which I would think they would call me and let me know the mammo had some issues that he may want to see me..well called today and said" that I thought i should be seen by plastic surgeon"and what was going on and that all I have read on the internet ,that I think maybe the silicone is making me sick!! the lady that answered the phone told me" that all that stuff I'm reading is just a lawyers get rich scheme and a big gimmick and not true....She really made me mad, I took it as though shes telling me I'm crazy and making up all this up...well let me tell you anyone that knows me knows I'm not the same energentic person i use to be,loved working in the yard,playing ball with the kids,etc...I"m tired all the time, and in pain.and I'm not making it up!!! So now I'm going to meet with a new surgeon to find out what to do with this issue, had a MRI and said"not leaking" so what do I believe ,one says yes the other says NO,but I know something is not right with this implant and I'm getting it removed,,from there not sure what I will do, TRAm maybe ,,I'm just sick of this being tired and in pain and want my life back again...I know chemo takes a toll on our bodies but I'm hoping that once the implant is removed I will feel back to so called normal again....I would lay in bed all day and night if it weren't for the kids!!! I feel like such a loser mom somedays cause I could just sleep ..Anyone with this problem I would love to hear from you..whether the silicone is leaking or not I beleive that maybe that maybe part of the problem is that i put silicone into my body..I'm praying that someday I feel back to myself. Thanks and God Bless all of you


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    Hi Kar,
    NO no... you are NOT a loser mom... in fact... you are a hero to the kids and family if you stop to think about it. You are fighting fatigue... you are fighting pain... fear... and maybe even a little bit depressed....BUT you push on.... you fulfill your obligations under such duress! And guess what.... soldiers push on the same way! so.. you have my respect and Im sure your family's as well. Secondly... you stick to your guns! Get second opinions from other surgeons that perform breast surgeries. Tell them what your doctor told you and what the lady at the desk said.... about lawyers and frivolous lawsuits. And record all your transactions on phone and paper with your former surgeon. Take care and God bless.
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)
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    Hi, I am a 3 yr survivor and am just undergoing reconstruction. Right now I have an expander and in June will have that taken out and the silicone implant put in. As I understand it, there are different companies that produce these implants and some are better than others. My dr said since it is a gel it won't "leak." Even if something happened, it would just sit there in place because it is a gel and not a liquid. And although they warn you it could need replacement eventually, my dr said it should last me my lifetime. In this day and age of lawsuits, I was very impressed he was willing to say that to me. I think you need to seek out another plastic surgeon and get another opinion. I am so sorry you are having all this pain and problems. Keep up your resolve and know we are all in there pulling for you.
    Cathy in FL