Baby Aspirin

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Hi everyone. I was watching Oprah yesterday and they had this doctor on who said that 2 baby aspirin a day fights cancer (aside from being good for your heart). I wanted to know what you guys think of that.


  • bryancarson
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    There was a study that came out about a year and a half ago that said an 81mg dose of asprin can reduce your risk of polyps. I say do anything you can to defend your body against this hideous diesease. It can't hurt you and it might help.
  • neeliec
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    I've seen articles on the issue-- 81 mg a day-- or a baby aspirin-- Additionaly, my dr and my dad's dr have prescribed it for heart and colon
  • scouty
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    I hope you got more out of her show then just the aspirin reference. It was by far the best health show for us colorectal types I have ever seen. There is so much we can do for our bodies to help fight this **** is we just chose to.

    The show actually was all about wellness and
    how to avoid disease. There is no magic bullet out there, you have to think about what you ingest to ensure you body keeps you healthy and cancer free.

    Lisa P.