"Normal Symptoms" after treatment.

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Hello There,
I just finished treatment last December 2004 (Quemo, Rad..) and my breast still kind of sensitive, some kind of sore, is this normal?. My back shoulder also with a little pain, can you help me? Is this normal? How long does it last?
I know everydody is different, but I think just mentally this will help!
Bless You All!


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    What type of surgery did you have. Did you have the external beam radiation?
    My Radiologist told me my breast could be sore, sensitive and even swollen for up to a year. And the changes which will occur could take up to 2 years. And neuropathic type of pain (little zingers, etc.) in your breast, may be forever, due to nerves which were cut/traumatized during the surgery and then radiation.
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    I have extremely sensitive skin and burned rather badly during radition (despite application of every lotion and cream prescribed). I continued to have alot of pain in my breast (from nerve damage) as well as a constant burned feeling on the skin of the breast, which necessitated application of pure aloe 2x a day. I'm happy to say that the sunburned sensation has now departed -- but it took about 1 1/2 years following the end of treatment. The pain in my breast has also gotten much better as well. Give yourself some time and I'm sure things will improve. Good luck.
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    Hi Marcela,

    I would go to my surgeon, as find out. I went through both Chemo and Ratio, had cancer in both breasts, had ratio for both breasts. If you are feeling pain, I would go back and find out, as I watch Starting Over, and a women who is there, has the same problem, and they say the lump nodes, can swell. Another doctor,would give you more info. Am here to help, as know the pain. You can reach me at ford@prtc.net.

    Am here for you,

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    I just recently completed chemo and rad (two weeks ago). I was badly burned during rad, but am glad to report that I am healing pretty well. Already the swelling has gone down and the redness is subsiding. You're right. We are all individuals and heal differently. I have been reading a lot and believe that my diet (fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, whole grains, a lot of water, etc.) and a small amount of exercise is helping me heal quicker.