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Recently dignosed with lung cancer in my right lung (2 cm X 3 cm mass) (Stage 3), The main concern is that it has spread to my lymph nodes in my chest cavity. We are so scared. The oncologist says his patients usually live 12-18 months on the average but for us not to give up hope. Where do we turn to to get this hope . I am bound and determined to make a hell of a fight of it.


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    You should fight, and it is beatable. I had the same diagnosis in December of 2002. After chemo and some radiation they decided to remove part of my right lung. When they were in there they ended up finding 2 tumors and removing my entire right lung. Technically I was a Stage IIIB. Although it was a little scary, after a round of post op chemo and pulmonary re-hab I'm considered cured (technically in remission). I'm more than 2 years down the road now and I have no signs of any cancer returning. I am very active. I walk regularly and attend voluntary pulmonary rehab twice a week. I'm going on a week long 50+ mile canoe trip next month with my son and his Boy Scout Troop, and I'm in better shape than many of the other dads that are going. Keep up the positive attitude and if you want to correspond outside this forum drop me an email on this web site. Great Luck to you!!!!
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    Hi, This is a copy of a post to another "newcomer". I think it applies here. In May, '01 I was diagnosed with nsclc, stage 3a. I was "inoperable/incurable". Long story short, I had neoadjuvent treatment, meaning concurrent chemo and radiation. After the treatments, the tumor had shrunk by 75% and surgery took care of the rest. I m 3 1/2 years out, with no signs of cancer. The doctor told me that I would have one more six month checkup and one more at a year. Then there would probably be "no point" in seeing me after that. Don't believe everything you read. Have faith, both in God and in your doctors. Believe that you will beat this. Try to have a positive attitude. There are many of us here with stories of survival. You are in my prayers. Please keep us posted. (My personal web page is on this site, titled "Grateful Survivor".) Ernie
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    Never give up hope! I am a 3a NSCLC and I don't ask about time, nor do I want to know..I just do everything I can to keep on the positive side and try and live in the "right now". It is a **** of a diagnosis, but you have no power over it..just in how you deal with it.
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    I was in the same boat as you 4 years ago, after being dignosed 3a NSCLC. My first Lung Doctor wanted to operate and remove upper lobe of my right lung (empseama in left, 38% usage). I then got second opinion from the veterans Hospital. The Doctors said they thought they could help with Chemo and Radiation. To make a long story short... thank God and the Doctors, they tell me Im Cancer free. It was a long road, 38 Radiation and 18 Chemo's. What Im trying to say is..Dont give up hope and look to God and the doctors. P.S. Get a second opinion. If I hadn't, I would have been on a Respirator for the rest of my life or worse.
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    This week my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in his left lung. We, too, are scared to death. I don't know what to do. We are also determined to fight it. We pray to God constantly. I am in shock.
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    Hi, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I just wanted to tell you that I am a stage 4 and I have been on chemotherapy for 2 years straight, and it hasn't been that bad. I feel tired, but still kickin! I'm going to college part time, and now that the VA is taking care of me, I can travel like I always wanted to. My point is, if you try to live your life as close to normal as possible (within reason), the mind can convince the body that all is well, and you will respond better to your treatments. I truly believe this. I am not exactly healthy, but I am very much alive and intend to be for a long time. Let God do His work through the doctor's hands. And remember also, they are doctors, NOT gods, so always get a second and maybe even a third opinion. Hope this helps, Shauna
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    Dr. Eduardo Tovar, the best
    he will tell you if VATS surgery is an option or not
    check it out, he saved my mother in law
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    Keep up that positive outlook!! I truly believe that's half the battle - if you are determined to fight this horrible disease, you can!! Pray alot, smile alot, and live alot!! I had half of my lung removed on 11/17/03 and went through 12 weeks of chemo. Since then all of my chest x-rays have been OK and I'm cancer-free. Good luck to you!!!
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    Newly diagnosed 3 Jul 09
    Stage 3a Lung Cancer. I'm to see my Doctor tomorrow morning (13 Jul 09) for a review of my PET scan. Right now all I know is it's in the left upper quadrant of the left lung and also in the 3 nearest lymph nodes. I won't know until tomorrow if it's elsewhere.
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    Newly Diagnosed too
    I too have been newly diagnosed, this year in May. I am NSCLC stage 3A. Inoperable. In the center of my chest. My tumor is/WAS a little larger than that, with 4 lymph nodes involved.

    I am getting ready to do Chemo #6 out of 8, Radiations, 35 total, and the tumor is shrinking!

    At first I gave up and thought my life was over when then told me I had till Christmas. After the first chemo I decided that my life was NOT over and I was going to be the one that lived to tell the story!

    Everyone is right. That positive attitude is everything. Don't listen to the statistics, just jump in there and do what you need to do and stay strong.

    If I can help in any way, please let me know.