mouth ulcers away!

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I finally found something for my dad's ulcers (esophageal cancer). It is A little known old medicine that is available over the counter at some pharmacies called Debacterol. It is marked for canker sores but it worked terrific on dad's oral sores. It comes in a real simple prefilled Qtip applicator. Anybody could do it. I think if the sores are bigger than a quarter though, it might be easier to have a dentist apply it. They can get larger containers that are not available to the public. I think the reason it is not well known is because it really smells and tastes bad and stings for a few seconds, but that's only for a minute. The amazing thing is that the pain is GONE in seconds and the sore is sealed off naturally. Someone also told me they went directly to the company in White Bear Lake MN because their pharmacy didn't carry it. Some dentists have it also, but I didn't want to pay them for what I could do myself. One treatment causes fast healing. They can still come back later, but not the one you treated..Be well!