I wish I knew about this board while I was having treatments!

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I just want to say that you guys out there are so awesome!!! I didn't know this board was here when I was undergoing my radiation/chemo/surgery and I so wish I had. All the notes I've read are so inspiring -- ranging from fear to inspiration to desperation to hope and everything in between. I felt so alone when I was going through it. My husband was there and he was wonderful but it was frustrating for him and he felt so helpless. My best friend couldn't handle it and unfortunately we are no longer friends (really long story). The good news is that it brought me and my family much closer together. And it helped me to appreciate the gifts I have in every day life -- like my husband and and my wonderful kids. So keep up the good work guys!


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    Hi there.

    So glad you found us. Welcome to the family!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. That kind of happened to me, but we are slowly on the mend now. Weird what cancer does to people and relationships.

    Hope you stick around the board a while and join in the sharing!

    How are you doing now?


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    Kanga's been coming here for 2 years and Jen has threatened divorce if I leave you all before I pay my debt.....lol!
    Yes, there are some pretty awesome people here and the battle is truly easier knowing that we all "understand" each other. I am sorry your friend was not able to support you. Cancer has a bad habit of changing our lives. Unfortunately it also has marked reactions to peoples perceptions of an illness that has always been referred to as "the big C". Some people just have a hard toime saying it, let alone dealing with it. Don't be mad at your friend, rather feel sad yet understanding ....that is one word you can deal with.....because you know its meaning. Your friend has difficulty with it.
    Never give cancer a "back seat"....we don't need or want sympathy..what we need is .that word!"understanding"
    luv, kanga n Jen
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    Hello and welcome!

    Yes, regarding the pain of your lost friendship, one of the many fascinating aspects of the cancer journey is the varying ways people around us react. I often feel it's not me they are seeing, but their own fears or painful histories. It reminds me of the way a friend of mine used to talk about being the daughter of a celebrity--people would often have wacky, charged responses to her.

    But I have also been very moved by the genuine generoisitty and concern of friends, family, and strangers in the face of this diagnosis. It certainly is a new window into humanity. And you're right, this website is a treasure!
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    Amen! My mother is fighting and we have had so many blessings come our way because of this thing!!