my moms cancer

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I was on this group about a year ago looking for post surgery and chemo treatment info and everybody was very helpful especially with the nutritional info and support. Anyway to make a long story shot mom was treated for about 7 months with treatments for ovarian cancer only to have the tumors all back in Nov. There was always a disagreement as to what kind of cancer it was, pathology said colon or GI our surgeon said ovarian, anyway as it turns out after two more opinions we found out she never had ovarian and all the time it was colon. The primary tumor was missed and now tomorrow we will be going for colon surgery to hopefully take out the tumor. She was on an oral chemo and her last PET scan only shows one tumor so we are hopeful that that is all there is. Could you please keep my mom in your prayers and although we don't have ovarian cancer as we first thought I continue to follow the group and pray for everybody that is affected on any way by this disease. I will let you know how it goes.

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    I am so sorry that your mom is still having to battle cancer. I am glad though that you now know what you are dealing with and have a plan. I will say a prayer for your mom that all goes well and for God to guide the surgeons hands. Good luck and please keep in touch if you need any support.
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    It is so upsetting to hear that your mom's origin was 'missed'. Could they explain this? I suppose now it's probably not that important, but more important that she gets the proper treatment this time.

    She (and all of you) will be kept in my prayers. PET scans are good tools to determine location of cancer. And since it appears to be one tumor, I pray that it's accurate, they get it, and things go well.

    Please keep us informed. May the Lord keep you in His perfect Peace. And may your mother be blessed with the strength to endure and recover.