Fluid retention after chemo?

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Does it ever go away? My feet and ankles are still retaining fluid and it's been 8 weeks since I finished chemo. Oncologist gave me a diuretic to help, but it doesn't do a lot. Anyone else have this issue? How long did it last?


  • ivy
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    I'm 21/2 yrs. out and I still have fluid retention, I keep hoping it will get better, I guess it just takes time. That's just one of the side effects. Good luck.
  • mssue
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    I'm a little over a year out but my feet and ankles only tend to swell when I'm on my feet for med lenghts of time or if I ride in a vehicleover an hour or so.The worst swelling I had was after surgery ,my feet and ankles were so swollen my toes wouldn't touch the ground,thank God the diuretic I was given worked ,I could actually see the bones in my feet.Try elevating your feet more and if You eat alot of salt try and cut back.That's easier said than done ,I know cause I'm a salt a-holic too.If it continues You probably need to get Your Doc to maybe prescribe something else or make sure there are no other reasons for this.
    Take Care