One lung at high altitudes

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My friend Little Bit had one lung removed about 5 months ago in Vermont. She would love to return to Colorado, but has some reservations about the altitude shift from sea level to the Rockies. She was allergic to kemo, and her DR says from test results she is cancer free. Yipee!!!!!!!!!
Any info or guidance would be gleefully accepted.


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    I too am curious. I had my right lung removed 2+ years ago and we think I am "cured" too. I have traveled several places around the country and never had a problem with altitude, but have not been as high as Denver. I can do most everything I want without restriction. I might have to take a break sooner than some with 2 lungs, but I find I can out last many others with 2 lungs. I'm proud of being able to run for 2+ minutes before running out of air and having to walk, but I am curious how it would be in Colorado if I attempted to snow ski again. It has been several years, but I would like to try it again. I'm a 43 year old male. My oxygenation level never goes below 90 when I run or excercise and is typically 94 to 96. I don't see where it would be a problem, but I think a pulmonologist would have the answer we seek. Let me know what you find out. Great question!!!
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    I think everyone would be affected differently. I cannot even fly without oxygen and need oxygen in the mountains. I have one lung but also COPD.