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I will be having my second round of 131 in June. We do not have insurance and have not had insurance since my throid was removed September 2003. We are tired of all of the medical bills. Have written to several cancer societies but have been told that we do not qualify. The only people that are happy about this is the collection companies that are making money from us. Ha! It is enough to have to go through all of this but to have to worry about the bills.....
If anyone has any ideas we would greatly appreciate it!
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    I know that there are some hospitals that will "write off" balances of patients bills if they are unable to pay. A friend of mine had the same situation and they did it for her. Also, maybe a 'teaching hospital' would be more likely to do it than others. I hope you can figure something out.

    I'm new to this board and was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer a couple of months ago. I originally had thyroid cancer 14 years ago and I had no treatment after they removed 2/3 of the thyroid. So, I'm still in shock that there is follow up treatment after the surgery. It sounds like you have to do a second treatment, is that correct?