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Hello all -

My mom (originaly diagnosed with Stage 3 in January 2003) developed a fever last night of 100.5 degrees. It has since gone away. Is this a worrisome sign?



  • Shandle
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    Hi Vanessa, The nurse at the cancer center advised me to go to the ER if I ever had a temperature over 100.5 I guess this is because of a risk of infection, and decreased immune system. Keep an eye on her and if she has another low temp, try to call her Dr. if you can or go to the hosp. Be sure to let the hospital staff know she is a cancer patient. Hugggs ~ Wanda
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    Since the fever went away I would just keep an eye on her. I don't think a fever from an infection would go down, but I am not sure, so if it comes back again, call the doctor, like Wanda said.
    Maybe she has a virus....
    Good luck, Susan.