zoladex question

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I was briefly put on the zoladex (sp?) shot to supress my period. 2 months after I stopped taking it I got my period back - HORRIBLE cramps!!!! This month the same thing happened. Does anyone know if this is common after being on this shot? Thanks!


  • Sharon345
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    Have you checked in with your gyn? I was on Zoladex for 18 months when I started having bad pelvic pain - no bleeding. I stopped having a period as soon as I started the Zoladex and haven't had another period since then. The pelvic pain was caused from very large and multiple ovarian cysts but they weren't sure what it was until I had a hysterectomy. My gyn was suprised I didn't bleed. I was off the Zoladex one month before my hysterectomy and didn't bleed during that time either. Anyway, your cramps could be caused by something like my problem. I never asked and I was never told if it was from the Zoladex or Tamoxifen but from what I've read it was very possible that one of them caused it. If your regular gyn finds something and you need surgery, you should go to a oncologist gyn to have it done. You don't need extra worries but there is always a chance that its cancer. At the very least its not normal to have horrible cramps and your gyn can do something about that. Be sure to tell your medical oncologist too.
    One good way to think about it - if the medicene you've been taking is so strong that it can cause this much trouble it's probably doing a good job at keeping the breast cancer from coming back!