Prayers for Bunnie please

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Received message from Dean, her husband, that Bunnie has taken turn for the worse.
She is in my thoughts and prayers all the time now.

Thank you and God Bless all.


  • judiek
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    I too have been keeping Bunnie and Dean in my prayers...this makes me so sad


  • tlmac
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    I've been checking the daily logs on their website and have emailed my prayers to them. Bunnie's weakened condition saddens all who were inspired by her example.
  • SweetSue
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    Sorry to hear about Bunnie. I don't come to this site very often, but I do remember her. She is definitely in my prayers. Another breast cancer patient, Pat, is very, very ill ,too.
    How is hummingbyrd?
  • mssue
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    It's disheartening to realize that the pains and agony of this disease can be so tragic in all of our lives.It's a tough pill to swallow. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.To Ms Bunnie and Pat and there families may God comfort,and bless You all.Strange,I was thinking of Hummingbird this morning for some reason so it suprised me to see someone else noticed that she hasn't posted lately,I hope everything is ok.
    My Prayers are with You All.
  • seeknpeace
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    Oh.....Bunnie. May you find peace finally and to your wonderful family, my heart is just broken for you all. Jan
  • mc2001
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    This is awful!... Prayers for them. Can someone provide their website addy? thx
  • lajohnso4
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    mc2001 said:

    This is awful!... Prayers for them. Can someone provide their website addy? thx

    The web site is\~duckling/