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My name is Alan. I'm a 58 year old male non smoker. I had bypass 8 years ago with a quick recovery. I'm in excellent shape and very active physically. An SPN, < 1.25 cm, was recently detected in my left lower lung. The CT Scan cannot rule out a benign tumor as there was no calcification or other benign indications otherwise. I am now scheduled for a PET. My GP told me that there is a very high liklyhood that the SPN is malignent and that following the PET, if it cannot rule out malignancy, I will have a VATS to verify the malignancy and an immediate removal of the SPN.

I'd like to hear from other persons that have had the VATS to determine malignancy and subsequent removal of the SPN. What was your experience following the removal ie Length of stay in the hospital, discomfort, fatigue etc? How long before you were back to normal and do routine things like, walk, drive and how long to physically aggresive activities like biking, running, skiing etc.

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    I quit smoking ten years ago, but had a malignant tumor removed from my lung with VATS. I was very active, but I had a tough time getting over this surgery. The tubes gave me the worst time. It took a couple of months for me to get going, but I have seen older people who smoke get over it quicker than I did. The lung was just slow re-inflating. I was in the hospital for 11 days. I have found that lifting weights helps with the soreness more than anything. This is a piece of surgery that I do not want again, but I am thankful that my lung cancer was operable. I hope that yours turns out to be nothing but an empty SPN. Good Luck