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I am asking for all your prayers, I took a mamogram this week and the doctor called and informed me that they would like to me to come in for a ultrasound. They seem to think that it is a lymph node but they want to make sure. I am praying that is all it is. I completed treatment for breast cancer in May 2003. Any help and advice will be appreciated, I am feeling down at this point.


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    My Doctor had me do the same thing several times. It always turned out to be tissue from the surgery or changes from the radiation. It is good your Doctor wants to be so thourogh. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    Dont worry till you have to, if you have to. what is there is already there. Worrying will only bring wrinkles and gray hair. take things one step at a time. Life is too short to do other wise... Cart before horse thing.
    Prayers to you and hope all it is is a lymph node. hang in there
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    I can certainly understand why you are afraid. I would be as well...just try to take some deep breaths and maybe find something to totally occupy your mind. You cannot change the outcome, and it will most likely be ok, just surgical scarring or the like. Please let us know when you get the results...and I will be praying for you...Jan
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    I had this same problem last year. I get my mammograms at MD Anderson Cancer Center now after my cancer 2 years ago. They did 3 mammograms to make sure they were seeing something. Then I went directly to the ultrasound. (This is one of the advantages of being treated in a large cancer center. Everything is under one roof and if something shows up they can get more tests done right away without waiting for days later) They did the ultrasound twice, checking it after each one. My surgeon told me they were pretty sure it was a lymph node but they would check again in 6 months to see if it changed. When I got home in Mississippi my medical oncologist said he didn't want me to wait and I should get it out as soon as possible to make sure of what it was. I went to a local surgeon. If it turned out to be cancer I would have then gone back to Houston. But it turned out to be just an enlarged lymph node. The surgery for it wasn't anything as involved as the lumpectomy. I felt like I just sailed through it and I was so glad I went ahead and got it out when I did.
    Anyway, try not to worry too much until you know what's wrong. It does make sense, don't you think, that the lymph nodes left behind from the cancer surgery would have to work extra hard and they might get "backed-up"??