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Greetings all:
When I was first diagnosed the primary tumor in my colon was about 2.5cm, there also seemed to be some complication with the surrounding area/tissues. There were several swollen lymp nodes and the colon cancer had metatisised into my liver. The liver showed three cancerous leasions about a cm in size, two on one lobe and one on the other, so a liver resection was outta the question. As we all know cancer can be so unpredictable. Here’s the latest, this scan reconfirmed what the last CT Scan showed, the three leasions on my liver are no longer there, my liver looks healthy and happy. There is also no evidence of cancer in my lymp nodes. The area surrounding the primary tumor in my colon looks less cluttered than before, and the primary tumor has shrunk to a little less that 2.o cm. This is great news, we couldn’t be happier:o) So as of today I have cancer in my colon, nowhere else…Up to this point I have received 7 cycles of 5fu,lucavorin, and oxilaplatin, along with some steroid and magnesium and calcuim.
I'll keep you posted...


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    Hi Buster. It is always a relief to hear of someone beating tha hell outa those beastly cells. If I recall correctly you went thru this with few side-effects mate..which is a blessing in itself! We certainly hope this continues with the least amount of hardship to you. To be able to tell us of an improvement is uplifting for us all, Buster!
    Keep the battle going mate..your friends in oz, kanga n Jen
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    Yay!!! Always great to hear that someone's beating the beast. I'm very happy for you.
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    Hello There!!!! That is GREAT NEWS!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! You are doing a GREAT job fighting this MONSTER!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I know that Bob is pulling for you as he hated the fact that he couldn't beat it but you can beat this!!!! Continue fighting this with everything you have!!!!! You are GREAT!!!

    Best Wishes and Prayers for continued success!!!!


  • Shandle
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    AWESOME!!!!!!! That's an inspiration to all of us and we hope you knock the hell out of it for good! Chew it up and spit it out! The word "Can" is definately in our vocabulary! Good for you!
    Huggggs ~ Wanda
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    Congratulations Buster! Keep beating it!
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    YOU GO DUDE!!!!!!!

    Congrats and keep up the good work.

    Lisa P.
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    Doesn't get any better than that!!! YAHOO

    Happy stories are so great to hear, thanks for sharing yours with all of us! jana
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    Super news, Buster!!! I had the same chemo regimen as you! Keep us posted on your progress.

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    Great news! Praise God for your results! thrilled for you!! encouraged for the rest of us. keep sharing. I just started the same treatment today. why the steroid? I forgot the dr's answer?

    Again--- we do the happy dance for you!!!, NeelieC