Elivated Tumor Markers lead to a bone biopsy

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Hi I posted a couple weeks ago about having high tumor markers and many of you gave me much encouragement. Well after a PET, CT, MRI and sonogram two issues have surfaced. I have a complex cyst on the left ovary and "activitie" in the thorasic spine T2 & T3. What all this means I have know idea. Chemotherapy put me in meapause in 2000 so I shouldn't be developing cysts. So I will have a second sonogram 4/25 and if it hasn't shrunk they may decide to remove it. BUT ... on the scarier side...my Oncologist wants me to have a needle bone biopsy to identify what he is called "activity" in the spine. He says it could be arthritis but he seems to concerned for that so I'm wondering if anyone diagnosed as stage I or II ever had a recurrence in another part of the body? I had a lot of treatment because I was Her2/nue positive but the tumor was small and the nodes taken came back negative. I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I would like to know what I may face. My biopsy is scheduled for 4/19.


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    I'm not sure how different docs approach this but have heard that often times, an xray can be used to help clarify areas such as the one your doc is considering for a needle biopsy? Just wondering if it was mentioned as a less invasive, viable option? A friend had a similar situation and they used the xray in conjunction with the scan to determine it was arthritis. This seemed to have been a reliable diagnostic method in my friends case)

    Some docs just naturally prefer a more aggressive approach...don't want to miss anything and want everything nailed down as much as possible. Which is a good thing...my kind of doctor! Don't panic until you know exactly what you're dealing with.

    Sending warm hugs your way along mighty hopes that your cyst will have resolved itself and that your spine bio results will be favorable!!!

    Love, light & laughter,
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    I had a hot spot on my bone scan before I started cancer treatment. She ordered a x-ray and it showed arthritis. She did say if she had any question about it she would order a needle biospy but the x-rayed ruled the need for that out. I had a bad back for years so she wasn't to terribly worried, I was!!!! Good luck and let us know how all turns out. Praying for the best on all the issues. Linda