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Hello Everyone!!!! Hope the sun in shinning brightly for everyone today!!!!

I had my breast biopsy yesterday. They won't let me go back to work until Friday. I am going to definity take today off. I am going to see what happens tomorrow. I really can't afford to be off right now. They did a core biopsy. I will know the results on Friday afternoon. I am trying to hold on for the results. It is hard today knowing that everything that I could be doing since I am home but was told not to since the procedure.

I will let you know when I hear Friday!!! I am praying that all is fine!!!! I am using you guys as my anchor right now!! Hope you don't mind!!

Thank You all for being there for me!!

Love Always



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    Hi Sue, I will always be your anchor. I'm always here for you. I pray, to, that everything will be fine. You've been through enough. I just know that Bob is up in Heaven, wathcing over you too. You have your own guadian angel. Let us know what you find out Friday
    Love ya
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandm047)
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    I think all this waiting is cruel..my surgeon gave me my results immediately after surgery, and the radiologist sits down w/me right after the CT and goes over it with me. I guess it's not possible in larger organizations, but the possibility for immediate results is there with today's technology.
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    Hi Sue,

    I hope that everything turns out well on Friday. I know how hard it is to wait for test results. Let us hear as soon as you know.


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    Hi Sue,
    Waiting is the worst and hardest part. Good Luck and keep busy!
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    Hi Sue, We are all waiting with you. Hope the time goes by quickly. Stay strong, Judy
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    Hi Sue

    Sending prayers your way for good results. I know it's crazy, but try not to think about it.

    Love to you,

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    tkd3g said:

    Hi Sue

    Sending prayers your way for good results. I know it's crazy, but try not to think about it.

    Love to you,


    Hiya Sue...as always, you are in our hearts Sue. I have sent you an email sweetie. Jen and I wish you the best for friday....try not to worry babe!!
    lotsa lov n cuddles, Ross n Jen
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    Hi Sue, You are not alone. I am waiting for the results of my biopsy also. I know they found a tumor in my lungs, but don't know rest of details. You have just one day to go. I'm going to read a funny book or something to keep me busy, and let the higher power take my worries. I know it's easier said than done. We'll get through it with you. Huggggggggg... Wanda
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    Well Sue,

    Seems we are in this waiting game together. Wanda with her results, you with yours, and me with mine. I am honored to spend the horrid wait time with you honey. You know you have been in my prayers for quite some time and that will never change. I just kicked it up a notch here lately.

    Please let us know when you can.

    You know when I read you part about anchor, my mind immediately went to ole SpongeBob in his handsome uniform. Then I think of him holding hands with that starfish Patrick, and then....well I won't go there, but I started giggling. And that the night before my CT scans so it must have been funny or I am sicker then I thought.

    Hugs and kisses from my household to yours. Mine is: me, a dog, 2 cats, lots of birds, trees, flowers, nice music, and most importantly heartfelt love. Oh and some chocolate and strawberries too.

    Lisa P.