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Hello Everyone,

For the new members and to refresh the "memory" of us "oldies", Memory is a 27 year old friend I met while receiving my chemo last January. (04) She was orginally diagnosed with lymphoma and went through six months of treatment and went into remission for four months.

This fall she was able to return to her Kindergarden teaching position only to relapse shortly after school began. She has been in and out of the hospital receiving treatment since her latest diagnosis of Burkitt's lymphoma.

Burkitt's is actually a rare type of leukemia/lymphoma. On April 2 she received a bone marrow transplant at MD Anderson and she is recovering from that now.

If you would like to send her a word of encouragement, I know she would appreciate it.

Go to Type in Memory and the State is TX. You can see her pictures and read her history. Just tell her you are a semicolon. She knows all about us! In fact, she is a honorary member of this wonderful group.

Thanks so much.



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    Hi Kay,

    Thanks so much for the update on Memory. I will send her a message.

    We've got to do our lunch soon. I've been busy with the house, but I'll give you a call next week.

    Hope you are doing well. I head back to MDA on April 25 for CT scan, colonoscopy, etc... all that good stuff. My anxiety is mounting the closer it gets. My healing bag will be close.


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    Options or www.Caring bridge doesn't work; gets you there, but I couldn't find "Memory"
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    Thanks, Kerry. She will so appreciate hearing from you. Yes, lunch next week before your tests.

    I think if you type in and then visit a patient's page, then the directory is TX and name is Memory.

    Thanks to all.