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Hi again! I want to begin by saying thanks to all for making me welcome and giving me a wealth of info. I have been doing it again: research! I have several people mention juicing and cleansing. I think I know what they are, but where do I find the recipes and ingredients. I am interested in the cleansing b/c I saw some pictures of some of the junk that came out. But I never found what is in the formula. Any websites or recipes are welcome. Again, thanks to all for helping me out.


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    Hello our little southern bell! I wish I could help you here, but maybe 2bhealed might reply. I'd like a bit more information myself. Welcome again to this site! Huggs and prayers ~ Wanda
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    Hi, Once upon a time-- in my other life-- I used to manage a natural health food business. Juicing meant making your own juice -- carrot was my favorite. I still juice some. Always use California carrots... they are sweet not like the ones from Florida, where I live. About cleansing...... well..... there I do not know. I may have changed my mind about that because there are so many laxatives used in the cleansing--- Senna, Black something or other ( I forgot). Anyway, sometimes too many laxatives can damage your colon. But then... it's a matter of opinion. I know you can go to the archives in here and read previous posts about that. I'm a little leary cause I know people who have opted for only cleansing and juicing and did not do well.
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    YIPEE!! you asked!

    Ok.....juicing and cleansing can be amazing in healing. There is a wonderful book that can give you lots of info on this:

    A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm
    A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook by David Frahm (her hubby wrote the "how-to" after her successful healing of cancer through juicing and diet and detoxing.


    This can get you started.

    My juicing protocol is:
    granny smith apple
    (now kale)
    celery (sometimes)

    added green powder--I use Perfect Food by Garden of Life but have used Kyo-Green, Green Magna etc etc.

    Remember GREEN=LIFE.

    Live enzymes are the thinking behind the juicing. Feeding your body at a cellular level. Detoxing at a cellular level.

    At this point (active cancer and beyond) you do not want to feed your body "dead" food (meat, dairy, sugar, anything processed etc) but only live enzymes. It helps to take enzymes too--digestive, pancreatic etc.

    80% of colon cancers are dietary related so it makes sense to me to start healing cancer with diet.

    Cancer likes an acid environment. That is where macrobiotics come into play. They chart foods by either acid or alkaline and it's best to eat towards the "middle" of the chart--not too acid and not too alkaline. (The Cancer Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi). All the foods I listed to avoid are highly acid. There are test strips you can buy to check your urine and saliva throughtout the day to track your pH.

    Well, I don't want to overwhelm you but it sounds like you are a researcher. :-)

    Cleansing is tricky. You want to avoid ALL laxatives. They are harsh on the colon. I used products that encouraged parastalsis (sp?) rather than flush outs. I also did organic coffee enemas (more for liver detoxing than colon) and went for colon-hydrotherapy. Something you want to avoid if you have an active tumor though. I also drank clay to move the toxins out. Aloe Vera juice was wonderful and soothing to the intestines.

    There are powders you can mix in your juice that can help you cleanse and detox. They have vitamins and flax seeds and herbs that bind and move out the toxins.

    Elson Haas, MD has a great book--The Detox Diet that explains a lot of this.

    scouty juices and her naturopath has her on a different juicing protocol. She is a living testimony too to the wonders of juicing to heal.

    My oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN was dx'ed with cc 2 years ago and I got HIM juicing and he believes in it!!! :-)

    www.discountjuicers.com (Champion Juicer is my favorite)

    hope this helps.

    peace, emily who is the orange one!
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    I too use the Champion Juicer. I do 1/4 carrots, 1/4 beets, 1/4 cabbage and 1/4 celery (all organic) in the AM and PM. I will add in a handful of parsley and a slice of ginger root sometimes. Ginger makes you perspire so it helps with the detoxing. For a pick me up in the afternoon, sometimes I just do straight carrot juice (so refreshing). My Naturopathic Doctor believes natural detoxing instead of forcing it, so I am still slowly detoxing. I am on the downside of it, it has been 5 months now. My BO changed to the better about a month ago so I know I am on the tail end. It was quite potent there for awhile even my dog thought I smelled bad. I drink at least a hlaf gallon of water a day. That is key to detoxing too.

    Most good juicers have recipe books with them.

    Juicing for Life is a good book with loads of recipes (and what they are for) in it. If you life near a health food store, they usually carry the books too.

    It is very overwhelming at first so you may want to find a nutrionist or naturopathic doctor to help you. Mine has a PhD in Clincal Nutrition and it is amazing how much she knows about foods and their healing powers. With my bloodwork, urine analysis and hair analysis, she recommended my key foods and supplements for me to take. I really like all of the "key foods" and she says it is because my body knows I need them. Some of mine are aspargus, white beans, peaches, tomatoes, and brazil nuts. I drink Essaic tea twice a day too.

    Good luck and feel free to ask any questions at any time.

    Lisa P.

    The Green drink Emily mentions is extremely important.