daughter terrified but sooo greatful for all messages

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I keep comming back here looking for all your replies.They mean so much to me and mom it gives her more hope.To the one who had lukemia i say to you we lost our cousin tommy years ago he was 20 years old diagnosed lukemia bruises appearing out of no where understand this was a cousin through marriage but a life long childhood friend.He died within a week. So im telling you Thank You God for your life! and for encouraging words of hope THANK YOU..With the Grace of God mom will make it through chemo and whatever she must go through but keep replying .To the person that wrote about stats YOU ARE SO RIGHT.no matter what God holds the stats and as i said shes tough.in worry i guess ya type silly things when its your time to go thats it ya know..but please for every single post you left me.I say a prayer each night for each of you.And chicken soup series is awsome i went and bought em all at a rummage sale the other day the lady said 50 cents for all of them for your mom she is reading them all now..and purpose driven life..
night now and God Bless You All and i mean EVERYONE HERE AT THIS SITE


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    Sandi, I am 43 and have had breast cancer three different times. At 28, 36, then 40. Take things one step at a time. Baby steps if necessary. The diagnosis of cancer is numbing at first. Hang in there!!! Mom will make it through chemotherapy. Tell her to drink ALOT of water before during and after chemo, it helps is flush through your system. Also to avoid those nasty mouth sores, have her chew 4-5 vitamin E capsules daily.(spit out the casings) the vitamin e coats your mouth to prevent sores. If you or mom have any questions, I would be happy to answer what I can. Seems I've been there done that more times than I care to remember. Laugh often. When they say Laughter is the best medicine, they mean it. God has his plan.... believe in that. Faith can move mountains. Hang tough... know you all are in my prayers. Hugs to you both.