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Anyone out there have experience with this injectable drug to increase white blood count during chemo? Would like to know how long it takes to kick in and any other information from your personal experience.


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    I searched wbc on this site and came up with many
    previous posts on this one also..
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    Hello!! This shot does help you white count. What it does it helps give the bone marrow a kick start. This will help produce white cells and platlets. My husband Bob received these shots after the end of each treatment. It helped him alot!!! When he would have his blood count check the following week it was high then it dropped down to a level that was better then before he had the shot. It does work. I drive a school bus and with all the germs those kids come to school with I was always afraid that I would bring something home for Bob to catch. This shot saved him as it raised his white count to help fight off anything. The only side effect that he had was joint aches for a couple of days after he received the shot but that was about it for him. Others might have had a different reaction that they could tell you about.

    Hang in there!!!!

    Best Wishes and Prayers your way!!

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    Thanks for your reply Sue. My mom is absolutely EXHAUSTED after this 2nd treatment. I wonder if the Neulasta will help and if the white blood count is the source of the fatigue or if it is just purely the nature of the chemo??