Calcium and Magnesium for Neuropathy

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My apologies if this has been posted or discussed elsewhere. My wife's oncologist recently added infusion of a calcium/magnesium mix for her oxaliplatin-related neuropathy (she has finished 9 of the 12 treatments). This was infused prior to treatment no. 9 and made a big difference for her. It will now be used prior to her remaining treatments. Anyone struggling with neuropathy should ask their doctor about this. The link below refers to a presentation on this at last year's ASCO meeting:,1003,_12-002636-00_18-0027-00_19-00467,00.asp

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    Hi Andy.

    I also had weakness in my legs when I was on chemo (Leukovorin & 5FU). My doctor says it was not neuropathy because that is not a typical symptom with this type of chemo, but from reading this board I'd say it was. Anyway, my blood work also showed my calcium, magnesium and also phosphorus was low. After some pills and some in the IV, the weakness in my legs got much better. And of course it was completely gone about a month after I finished chemo. Just thought I'd share.