I've got good news as well!

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Last year at this time I had my first Bone Density scan (DEXA) and was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine (-3 BAD!). Well I'm glad to report that a one year follow-up scan showed I am now considered in the range of osteopenia (-1.5)! I guess all that exercise, calcium supplements and that pain in the neck Fosamax paid off! Anyone else have such good results??



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    GREAT GOING SUSAN!!! Keep up the good work and I'm betting that your next scan will show even greater improvement!

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi Susan, I had my first DEXA scan in June 2003, following 4 cycles of AC. It showed osteoporosis in spine and hips. Because I also began taking Arimidex at that time, it was decided I needed to be on Fosamax. This June will be 2 years and my next scheduled DEXA scan. I'm encouraged by your results and hope to fare as well. Congratulations!