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Hello, I finished my treatments for breast cancer in May of 2004. I think I just worry but I am wondering about if the results of a bone scan are always accurate? I had one in January 05 because a spot as big as a nickle on the upper portion of my spine became sore and slightly swollen.It ached like a tooth ach. The bone scan says everything is fine.Just wondering because I get achy like having a menstrual period in my lower back and pelvic area. Also pain shich comes and goes in my legs and sometimes sensations of pain in my knee.I don`t think it is anything but I want to be cautious.....


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    As it sounds like you are concerned with your breast cancer having spread to your bones, you may want to consider posting your question on the breast cancer discussion board. Other women who have had breast cancer that has spread to the bone may be able to share their experiences. In general, those on this board will have had a primary bone cancer and this can be a very different type of disease process.

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